Thursday, December 18, 2014


Forever is but a small time to know you. But I promise to make it worthwhile.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I feel a warmth around me
like your presence is so near,
And I close my eyes to visualize
your face when you were here,
I endure the times we spent together
...and they are locked inside my heart,
For as long as I have those memories
we will never be apart,
Even though we cannot speak no more
my voice is always there,
Because every night before I sleep
I have you in my prayer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It means Nothing to her

It’s not that I care about it, or it hurts or something, but I do wish it mattered to her. A long time has passed since I cared about these things and actually made it a point to bring up all this stuff in our fights. As time has passed my urge to make her understand the fact that little things hurt a lot more than big mistakes in life has long gone. I don’t have to try and forget it, I just naturally do. It’s become a routine for me, and also for her I guess. I try and avoid the unnecessary talk after dinner. I come late from work and get more fun watching a football match than go for a long drive. It wasn’t like this. The very opposite I would say. And I honestly thought people who grow into people like these must be fools to do so, cause it’s one of the best parts of life. But now I know it for better that it means Nothing to her.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Before Exams

Now this has happened to all of you. Whenever exams are around, life seems to bring the most event full happenings. All of a sudden your boring monotonous life gets caught up in an unusual frenzy of fast moving wind, which just like in the hindi movies flies the white piece of cloth of a girl on to your face and sweeps across leaving you breathless for a moment and lingers on for so long, that you eventually fuck up your exams. You get tied in the desire to ask her for coffee or get your notes photocopied. And God help you if she is in your class. You plan your first date with her in a quite studious environment to “study”, which ultimately turns out a revision session for her and a staring session for you. Yes, we have all been through this and on both sides. The reason I am writing this, is not because it has happened to me. No, sorry to disappoint you, but it is currently happening to my roommate and I see him showing all signs of denial which is an equally common phase. I just hope he gets what he is running around in circles for. Love you man. Cheers !!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Night of Dreams

Slowly strumming the strings of a guitar, by the beach on a starry night, with the waves rhyming their arrival with your tune, the wind carelessly loud and the bonfire with lovers sitting in a circle around it, makes your heart sing in joy. A cozy atmosphere spreads and makes everything warm. Your mood lightens, laughter gets carefree, and a strange feeling of content seeps in. You hold your partner closer, hand in hands inside a thin sheet wrapped around the both of you like a cocoon protecting you from outside interference. Gentle playfulness and a hint of naughty romance fills your mind. The entire scenario is of young love at its supreme away from the worldly worries and tensions, completely intoxicated by themselves. And this is my night of dreams.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I will always feel bad for FRIENDS

It’s been over 5 times that I have seen all 10 seasons of friends back to back, and yet every time I see the end of it, a little piece of my heart breaks. I do not know if it’s just me, or the characters in the show, but they always become a part of me when I am watching. Every single time they grow as people from one season to another, yet making stupid mistakes and realizing them later. I cannot compare the joy it gives me when I see the smile on Joey’s face when he see’s pizza or the way Monica gets obsessed with things. There are little things of the show that I carry on in my mind after I finish watching, laughing for no reason apparently, and have a joyous feeling of them always being there with me as my FRIENDS.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Earnest Request

It has been a decent amount of time since I wrote my last blog. This friend of mine(name withheld so as not to hurt the sentiments of my other very close friends) called up to ask why I hadn’t updated my blog, to which I very simply replied saying that I had forgotten all about it. The truth is I hadn’t forgotten, but I was avoiding it. Every time I tried to write I came up with a decent start but could never give it a justified ending. The problem persisting I decided to give myself a little break from it. And before I knew it, more than a month had passed. So today when I received her call, I finally thought of breaking the jinx, and so I have.